The Question we all wonder, HOW?
I made a list with things, that make hell bearable for me.
So enjoyyyy

1- Do NOT stress out about everything
If the outfit you planned in your head doesn't work, just change it.
If you want you can even plan and match new outfits in your free time, so you already know what to wear and save nerve and time in the morning.
Also don't stress too much about your grades, if a test doesn't go as planned just try to give your best on the next one.
Grades aren't as important as your mental health.
Don't be too harsh on yourself.

2- Take time for yourself
Once back in our everyday life, we start do care about everything, the due-dates, the homework and our friends. Take a step back and do something for you. Go for a walk, especially in autumn, drink a cup of tea or hot chocolate and listen to your favorite playlist (Follow me on Spotify: Julia.sophiee) or take a bath.
What ever you do, do it for yourself and be mindful.

3- Remind you of your goals
What ever these are, focus on them and why you want to reach them. For me that's my motivation to go to school every day. You do not have to have big goals, or plans for your future, even if your current goal is just a day at a lake with your favorite humans, remind yourself of that.
I promise you, it helps.

4- Try to don't give a fuck
Someone talks trash about you behind your back?
You're a better than that. Ignore it, and get away from then.
Do not spend time on toxic people but focus on your true friends or your family. Do not let fake people steal your happiness.

5- Do not procrastinate
Try to do all your homework as soon as possible, so you have them finish and don't have to stress about them on the night before the due date.
After you did them, you can watch Netflix or go out with your friends, but do your work first.

I hope I could help and motivate you