How to survive in a world full of fakes?
My name is Natalie and I’m 18 y/o. I’m between my graduation and the University. I live with my boyfriend in a little apartment and we fight everyday life together and always support each other. But it wasn’t always that easy for us. I was suffering from anorexia until half a year ago and therefore very insecure about me and my body. My boyfriend has shown that I have to give a f*ck on what others think of me. I am beautiful as I am and I do not have to prove anything to anyone. In the process, I have learned that the social media in particular give us young people an incredibly wrong picture of life.
So I asked myself: How can I be myself in a world full of fakes? Where everyone works on his photos to show a perfect life. How should one not be influenced there? Especially if true life is not that instagramble.
So I thought about it: How to be yourself in a world full of fakes?:

Often you see people on Instagram with a healthy and perfect diet and you have the feeling that you have to do it this way in order to fit into the society ideally.
But that’s wrong. Do only the things you really want to do. If this means you don’t go vegan or vegetarian its okay. Be yourself and listen to your belly and heart. That’s your inner voices and only they matters. Not what the society says or show on social media. I also think that you can’t trust the pics on Instagram because nowadays everyone use photoshop to make his or her body as perfect as it could be. Sure, most of them really train and are healthy and if you want to do this, its also fine. But please be yourself and don’t want to much. The needs his time to change and that’s good. In the time your body change, your mind changes too and that’s more important. But unfortunately that’s also a thing that make it difficult to be our self. The society gives us the ideal to be healthy and fit. Everybody who don’t fit in this system will be an outsider. But I think everybody is perfect in the way he is and last but not least:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt