Dear sisters,
I know, It`s been a while since we`ve last met each other. It`s been such a long time. You probobly grown up a bit, you have success in your studying, you`ve got some experience doing your favourite works, hobbies and other stuff. I hope, you are getting closer to your dreams and you are keep going to your targets. I know, you work hard everyday to deserve everything you want in your life.

All things aside. You give we an insporation and motivation to work on myself. You give me wings to fly whenever I want. You give me hope to keep belive in everything good till the very end.

I wish you all luck in the world, I wish you all love and you deserve it. I know you are the best sisters in the world. And I thank God that my life is connected to yours.
With all good wishes, respect and love.
your sister Marie Walker!