Hello everyone! Hope you are having an amazing day! And if not, remember it´s a bad day, not a bad life.

Today, I want to talk about inspiration. I know we all have bad days every now and then, and we need to hear the right words. So, in case you need them, here there are, from me to you!

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You are important.
You mean everything to me, please don´t disappoint me.
You are lucky to be alive; God and earth chose you to be here today.

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Your favorite singers count on you, don´t disappoint them.
Everything will be okay, hold on.
Don´t be afraid to do what you want. You deserve to be happy.

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You are beautiful, no matter what.
It will be worth it, go for it.
For the rainbow to happen, it needs to rain first.

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Everyday is a fight. Congratualtions for winning today.
Work for yourself so you can be hhapy later.
I know you don´t get it now. But someday, you will know why it´s this way.

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Invest in yourself. Don´t be ashamed of who you are.
Love and defend yourself. If you don´t do it, who will?
Know your worth.

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Conquer the world, you can do it.
Be happy. Take care of yourself. It´s good for your health.
One day, you will realize it is was worth it.

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if you need someone to talk to, talk to me. We need more motivation in this world if we really want to change it.

More free motivation!

Hope I made you smile! And remember, you are an angel.

This article was written by @luna_azul_arce on the We Heart It Writers Team.