You love your outfit but you feel like something is still missing?
Then here are your 5 hair accessories that will make your outfit pop under $50!

1. Colorful hair clips
We all saw this trend going around this year. Just one or two of those little clips on each side of your head and you have it!
Sooo easy and sooo effective!

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2. Scrunchies
We all know them and we all love them! Scrunchies are around for a very long time now and you can get them in nearly every store that has something to do with clothes or beauty.

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For the extra pop, you can use one with a bow or a scarf.

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3. Headbands/ Bandanas
These don’t only look cool they also keep your hair out of your face.
For those who want to be more flexible is a Bandana probably more useful but for the easier and faster handling is a normal headband way better.

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4. Glitter/pearl clips
For more special events, or when you just feel more glam you can but these in your hair. Like the colorful clips you can put one or two – and they will be an absolute eye-catcher.

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You also can combine glitter and pearls…

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5. Headbands
And Girl - I don’t mean the brave school-girl stuff you wore in class 4, I mean the big once with glitter or pearls all over them!

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I hope that you found some inspiration for your next hairstyles!

This article was written by @timasiarose on the We Heart It Writers Team.