You’re so wonderful to think of
But so hard to be without.
The pain felt like a flood
when your presence became a drought

I wonder while you were here
If you’d ever really knew
Or even could you comprehend
How endlessly i adored you

Everyday I loved you
Now everyday I cry.
Everyday I’ll miss you,
When I gaze upon the sky.

I’ve fallen in love with a ghost
An angel returned home.
They say that you’re so still with me
So why do I feel alone?

Just one of those days with you
Would have been a blessing.
Yet selfishly, I wish for more
As days without you, are depressing

Its hard to forget the girl
who gave you so much to remember.
But I’d never trade these memories
Despite the pain they render.

I just want you back
I want this to be a nightmare
I want to scream and cry and break
My God, this isn’t fair

I saw you for the last time
You were more beautiful than I knew
You looked like you were sleeping
I truely feared I’d wake you

I stared at your white coffin
Dreamed you’d just pop out
Tell me this was all a joke
Confirm my every doubt

I spread dirt upon your grave
Buried you with my own hand
Imagining you reaching out
Digging through the sand

You’d come home and hug me
We’d laugh and cry together
And this time id make sure you knew
How beautiful you really were

Words and rhymes and poems and time
And wounds that need to heal
Could never truely describe to you
What this is I feel

Agony, suffering, tortute, grief,
Torment, misery, heartbreak.
Throbbing, prickling, stabbing twinge,
Loss, despair, or ache

I love you, I love you, I love you,
I’ll scream it with my last breath
I hope and pray you’ll hear me
Through the soundproof wall of death

I cursed and blamed the heavens
When you were put to rest
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best

A thousand tears wont bring you back
I know because ive cried
If love alone could save you
You never would have died.