i've been thinking about this one person, this one situation they're caught up in. i've been trying to understand it and put myself in their shoes. after a while of thinking about it, i believe i've finally come to a conclusion. i asked myself and asked myself why i was unable to relate to the decisions that were being made and the emotions that were being thrown around and eventually a small voice told me to stop listening to my head and start listening with my heart. something clicked in that moment. we all experience emotions and feelings at some point in our lives. it's what makes us feel most alive and most meaningful. the lack of emotions results in a meaningless life. when you spend time with your friends, you feel happy, you laugh, you make memories. when someone hurts you, you feel sad, you cry, you have moments. in a world so intricate as ours the number of reactions you have to it are infinite, never correctly described by a singular word. so when one person makes you feel joy and another makes you feel sadness, you begin to feel. but when one person makes you feel joy, sadness, peace, comfort, love, your heart is so overwhelmed with emotions you become attached. you become attached to the thing that makes you feel everything, the thing that makes you feel most alive. this one thing had the ability to make you feel so many things, to make your life so meaningful, in only a matter or seconds, days, years. its becomes hard to let go of the one thing that allows you to see the world as it is, in all its beauty. the thing that invites your senses to wake up. the thing that makes the grass greener, the sun brighter, and the air sweeter. on the flip side, however, that very thing that made life so wonderful and lovely can make it dark in a heartbeat. but even still we chose to follow that thing, because at least we are feeling pain, hurt, sadness, rather than being stuck in the cave and feeling nothing at all. so, ultimately, i see where this one person is coming from. i see why they continue to chase the one thing that has ever made them feel alive. no matter the amount of joy, the amount of pain this thing has placed on this one person's heart, it made them feel meaningful and alive and thats all any of us really want.