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Hello loves!
We don’t know about you, but we just love traveling to new and exciting places and what better time is there to do that then during the summer?

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As much fun as traveling is, there is so much to prepare and think about before the adventure begins. Don’t worry though, we got you covered with this month's feature. We are chalk full of travel tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration.

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We hope you enjoy these articles and that they help you with whatever adventures you are having this year!

1. Things to do

Hearter @iammikkawillows starts us off with a long list of all the things you can do on a long trip!

2. Packing for long trips

Let's face it, packing and unpacking can be the hardest part of traveling, luckily for you, hearter @miss_abbie has you covered with a list of the essentials.

3. Preparing

There can be so much to think about when you prepare for traveling, @InspoMag has you covered in this article!

4. Traveling to the Ocean

Dive in with hearter @lostinskies as they talk all about the reasons that you should visit the ocean at least once.

5. Disney World Tips

The happiest place on earth comes with its challenges, but have no fear, @moonlitkisses has tips to make your trip magical!

6. Airport Fashion

Traveling is its very own fashion group, and @anchor22 has some ideas for you to look fabulous.

7. Packing for all trips

Hearter, @mrswannabeawriter has an article about all the things you need to pack for trips short or long.

8. Saftey!

Traveling can be intimidating, especially when you are traveling alone, but @AisaJoy has some amazing tips to help keep you safe and sound.

9. Inspo from Music

We think that one of the best things about traveling is to experience new cultures and listen to new music! Hearter @maria_theodo2 has a playlist for you if you think so too!

10. Long flight essentials

@florhaison has a perfect article for you if your travels are taking you very far away from home!

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Travel, learn, and grow!
Lots of love