It's been a while since I posted my last article but hey I felt like doing this again so let's go! 💛

Declutter last year stuff

A new year is starting so what a better way to go for it than going fresh! Go though your supplies and donate all those pens and leftover notebooks you're not going to use anymore. While doing this, check if there are still some supplies you can reuse in order to save some bucks and reduce the amount of unnecessary things in your drawers.

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Make a list

Stationery shopping always end up in buying more than what you need because admit it, you found that cat pen cute. But sometimes it's more what we buy than what we use, so why not make a list? After decluttering, make a list of what you're missing. Write down how much notebooks, pens, pencils, textbooks, and other supplies you'll need. This way is easier to know what you're missing and your priorities while shopping.

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Start organizing

After getting all what you need for the upcoming year, the fun part begins. Having everything aesthetically organized is an awesome way to motivate you for going back to the routine. Some tips i recommend for all of you to take in account this year are: store the notebooks you'll need for your first day in your bag (even if you're not starting school soon), prepare your pencil case only with the necessary pens and stuff you'll use (don't add unnecessary weight to your bag), keep an emergency kit in a reachable place of your bag, don't take your textbooks to school unless you have a locker or they ask you.

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personally, even if kankens are overrated they're awesome backpacks! They're really durable and they hold a lot of stuff. The best part, they're lightweight!

Decorate your notebook/binder

If I can guarantee you something, is that aesthetic and tidy things will always motivate you to keep studying. Because of that, the best thing you could do is decorate your stuff. Take the first page of your notebook or binder and draw something around the subject of that notebook (i.e draw some plants and write "biology" in the middle, be creative with this!). Also if you have a single notebook/binder for many classes, making covers for each subject is a perfect way to separate them.

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draw plants, bees, flowers, galaxies, stars, fruits, and whatever else you can think of <3

That was a quick tip article, hope you enjoy it and try it! Hope you get an awesome back to school/work/college/university and the best of lucks for you <3 Make sure to follow me and leave a like ;)