IM BACKK! I've been busy with school and having homework and new classes and even now I still have like 40 questions from algebra hw to do and more hw from my English and Spanish classes but either way you'll still need your instagram feed poppin especially going bts so ima show u guys sum ig feed ideassss:)

beige minimal

aesthetic and cute image aesthetic, theme, and sky image green, interior, and plants image fashion, style, and necklace image


aesthetic, eyes, and alternative image aesthetic, green, and olive image nature, waterfall, and green image asian, fashion, and kfashion image


pink, bird, and blue image girl, food, and tumblr image fish, aesthetic, and grunge image pink, food, and carefree image


girl, mask, and beauty image pool, summer, and aesthetic image jeans and nails image beach, black, and blue image

too pink for me

pink, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, blue, and hair image alternative, dress, and girl image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image

I'll post more soon or maybe tomorrow