Hi everyone. I was looking for inspiration for my next articles and found this one. It's just made for me and so I feel like I have to do it so I hope you'll like it and maybe do it too. Our Disney tastes really says a lot about us trust me. You know what, that's the kind of questions we should ask on first dates, soo today learn how to flirt with Hortense !
Just kidding... I'm the last person you should take flirt advices from.

. Remember that I’m french so sorry in advance for bad english

Inspired by :

I changed it a little, added a few questions and suppressed one. You know what ? The one who'll find the one I didn't aswered to (compared to the tag that ispired me) will win... I don't don't what I'll see but he/she'll like it !

So let's get started

Favorite princess movie

gif, disney, and pocahontas image pocahontas, disney, and hug image disney, pocahontas, and piercing image gif, meeko, and pocahontas image

Favorite non-princess movie

Temporarily removed disney, wallpaper, and simba image lion king, disney, and sunset image idiot, disney, and scar image
The Lion King

Favorite princess

disney, pocahontas, and wallpaper image pocahontas image disney, pocahontas, and princess image disney, pocahontas, and wallpaper image

Favorite prince

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed tangled, disney, and love image

Favorite hero

disney and moana image gif and moana image Image removed disney princess, heroine, and princess image

Favorite sidekick

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed meeko, nakoma, and disney image gif image

Favorite villain

Angelina Jolie, disney, and green image Image removed gif, sleeping beauty, and wings image Temporarily removed
--------------------------Maleficent ---------------------- Did you know that in the movie Maleficent with Angelina Jolie when Maleficent loses her wings, it's a metaphore for rape ? She has been raped by someone she loves and trusts (maybe the person she trusts the most) she has been drugged and then raped the night she and her "boyfriend" were together. In the morning she wakes up betrayed, dirted, disrespected, raped and the loss of her wings would represent the loss of her virginity, her innocence, her quietude...

Favorite character

Temporarily removed gif and little mermaid image ariel, disney, and kiss image Temporarily removed

Favorite couple

love, beauty and the beast, and disney image disney and beauty and the beast image Temporarily removed disney and belle image
Belle and Adam

Favorite childhood movie

gif image abu, aladdin, and disney image disney image aladdin, disney, and fly image
------------------------------Aladdin------------------------At least the one I watched the most. My familly teases me about it sometimes "EVERY NIGHT Aladdin, EVERY NIGHT it was EVERY NIGHT" so I guess that was my favorite !

Favorite recent movie

disney, moana, and art image gif, disney movie, and moana image moana, disney, and necklace image art, disney, and maui image

Favorite live-action

disney, the lion king, and zazu image lion, clouds, and sky image beautiful, inspirational, and animals image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Lion King

Favorite pixar movie

Image removed inside out and disney image disney, pixar, and gif image cool, gif, and inside out image
Inside out

Favorite movie that made you cry

dumbo and gif image dumbo, disney, and elephant image Temporarily removed black, dumbo, and elephant image

A movie that made you laugh

aladdin, disney, and tangled image Temporarily removed aladdin, disney, and jasmine image aladin, genie, and gif image

First movie you saw

disney, sleeping beauty, and princess image disney, sleeping beauty, and aurora image gif, sleeping beauty, and disney image Temporarily removed
---------------------Sleeping Beauty--------------------- I asked my mom and she said it was either Sleeping Beauty or Snow White because these were the two ones we had on video tapes. She thinks it's sleeping beauty and I wouldn't be suprised because Aurora was my favorite princess as a kid... so this might be like a consequence haha

Favorite dress

Temporarily removed cartoons, jasmine, and cute image aladdin, aurora, and crown image disney, love, and aladdin image
---------------------------Jasmine-------------------------Okay that's not a dress but that counts

Most underrated movie

disney, pocahontas, and princess image Temporarily removed disney, pocahontas, and princess image pocahontas, disney, and love image

Favorite song

Inspiring Image on We Heart It pocahontas, disney, and gif image pocahontas image gif, disney movie, and disney image
Color of the wind-Pocahontas

Favorite hair

disney, book, and beauty and the beast image disney world, disney channel, and beauty & the beast image disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image
-----------------------------Belle----------------------------Classic, beautiful and also looks like mine so I guess that's what made me choose it

Favorite animal

aladdin and disney image abu, aladdin, and disney image aladdin, disney, and monkey image aladdin and gif image

You wish were you sibling

disney and moana image Image by martyna_nightblood adorable, animals, and animation image adorable, animation, and baby image

Thanks for reading ! I loved writing this article and it took me a lot time so I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you’ll come back ! See you in the next article ! Okay I'm really gonna go sleep right now because it's four in the morning here so... yeah... Good night ! Or Hello according to the moment of the day you're reading this <3

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