Welcome to an insight into my (non-existent-but still have friends) social life.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Tom, peterparker, and cute image yellow image harry potter, hermione granger, and hogwarts image
Sarcastic, loud, loves boy bands, constantly listening to 2000's music, 100% Indian, theater kid, loud, loves Draco Malfoy, Slytherin, obsessed with boys


accessory, aesthetic, and colors image Image removed necklace image allstar, beauty, and besties image amazing, awesome, and christmas image Image removed
Also sarcastic, subject of short girl jokes, bad bitch, basic bitch, dark skinned


running, shoes, and white image cheese, pasta, and food image stitch, wallpaper, and background image disney and the aristocats image
Sporty, loves the outside, sweet, funny, always has pasta for lunch, loves cross country, reminds me of an old man


quotes, nice, and aesthetic image boys, guys, and handsome image football, soccer, and sport image background image
Hella smart, low-key rude but we love him anyway, funny, quiet, loves soccer, basically albino, got a 101% in Chemistry because he's that smart but wouldn't tell anyone


adventure, adventures, and hiking image puppy, dog, and cute image ball, football, and futbol image Temporarily removed bracelet, ibiza, and surfer image Image removed
Loves nature, had an unfortunate...tragic...sad...hilarious accident on a mountain bike that made him a legend and still the source of ball puns to this day. Looks like one of those dudes that got shipwrecked and stranded on an island, (but, dare I say, in a hot way), reminds me of a puppy, funny, sweet, quirky, loves soccer, and the original VSCO girl because he wore the beaded/seashell necklaces before they were trendy


panic, that's me, and funny image Temporarily removed tyler the creator, ofwgkta, and odd future image car, dog, and puppy image
Sarcastic, a lil rude and definitely a teenage boy, somehow got attractive over the summer, can be kind when he wants to be, funny


emotions, fuck you, and pissed image Temporarily removed boy, drunk, and naughty image boy, smoke, and cigarette image
Actually a pervert but we forgive him anyways, inappropriate jokes, short boi, band geekkk, always comes to lunch with a gross strawberry lemonade/raspberry freeze


quotes, comic, and kiss image lonely, pathetic, and grunge image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I had a weird, very short thing with him (idk what I was thinking, hence the first picture) dEpResSeD, sweet, nerdy, loves to wrestle, also a short boi


Temporarily removed car, black, and jeep image Image by Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈 moon, night, and sea image
Quiet, a-t-t-r-a-c-t-i-v-e but unfortunately not mine because he is way out of my league and will never like me and has a sweet, beautiful, princess-like girlfriend looooll, national champion wrestler, looks like an Indian version of Tyler Posey, mysterious, kind, loves Jesus (Boys, just a lil hint, if you show how much you love Jesus, you become instantly hotter. Just saying. Of course, don't use Jesus to get the ladies but you know what I mean)

And, of course, me

Temporarily removed dog, girl, and photography image coffee, funny, and quotes image alternative and sad image Image removed friends, friendship, and lesbian image

Anddd that's it.
I've been friends with most of them for awhile, but I'm just now starting to talk to Ben and Abby more :) Even though I'm not close with any of them, they make me laugh and I look forward to when I go see them. Me, Abby, Sam, Ben, and possibly Azra are all going to the gym to work out on Saturday (hopefully I can go) so go me I finally have friends to hang out with outside of school