hey, lnduras. Mmm, no sé, llevo tiempo viendo estos artículos, y me decidí por hacer uno, simple. Así que no me inspiré de un artículo en particular. <3

Como saben, mi nombre es Kelly.

K — Kill Kill (by Lana Del Rey)

"Bound up the stairs
I'm in the shower
Do you know I am going to leave you?
Do you know I am going to leave you?"
couple, love, and hands image lana del rey and lana image

E — Eyes off you (by PRETTYMUCH)

"No breath or beauty
No sound or sight
That ever made me feel the way you do tonight
I just can't take my eyes off of you"
Temporarily removed blue, aesthetic, and paint image

L — Liability (by Lorde)

"He don't wanna know me
Says he made the big mistake
Of dancing in my storm
Says it was poison"
night, light, and hand image glitter, makeup, and sparkle image

L — Lie to me (by 5 Seconds Of Summer)

"Now I wish we never met
'Cause you're too hard to forget
While I’m cleaning up your mess
I know he’s taking off your dress"
red, aesthetic, and city image red, aesthetic, and sexy image

Y — Youth (by Shawn Mendes ft. Khalid)

"It's hard to sleep at night
Knowing what's outside
Feeling hopeless
I need focus"
friends, sky, and sunset image room, window, and grunge image


huh, lo sé, mi nombre es corto, ahh

dejo esto por aquí, :)

¡Gracias por ver mi artículo!