quotes, 17, and grunge image Temporarily removed

B-best Feature

aesthetic, fun, and boobs image basic, nail, and nailsart image


cat, cute, and kitten image Temporarily removed
Grey & dark red

D-deepest regret

quotes, social media, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
Staying on my mobile, while I should be learning

E-everyday starts with

aesthetic, dark, and music image aesthetic, beige, and brown image
music & coffee

F-favorite movie

pennywise clown partii image pennywise it image

G-goal in life

car, audi, and black image home and luxury image adorable, amazing, and animal image Temporarily removed


cute, bunny, and animal image Image removed

I-in love with

aesthetic, black, and boy image boy, boys, and ink image

J-job of my dreams

medicine, save animals, and veterinary image Temporarily removed

K-kids I want

baby, boy, and pet image dog, cute, and puppy image
Dogs will be my only babys :)

L-last thing I ate

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

M-magic power

Image by allias wolf and black image
Talk to ghosts and transform into a werewolf

N-number of siblings

baby, cute, and kids image beach, blue, and sisters image
1 little sister

O-one favorite song

Abusive image Temporarily removed attractive, deutsch, and Hot image Image removed
Kontrollieren - Gzuz, Maxwell, Boenz Mc & Raf Camora


flowers, rose, and pink image Temporarily removed

Q-question I`m always asked

you, mad, and me image Temporarily removed

R-reasons to smile

food, pizza, and cheese image Image removed Temporarily removed dog, animal, and puppy image
food, friends, family & cute animals


Abusive image Temporarily removed
straight :)


tattoo, snake, and trust image tattoo, dragon, and nike image

U-underwear color

aesthetic, alternative, and girly image amazing, goal, and luxury image

V-vacation place

city, light, and sky image city, light, and new york image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image adventure, asia, and china image

W-worst habit

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I need wayyy to much sleep

X-x-rays I´ve had

hands, skeleton, and bones image love, kiss, and skeleton image
My arm

Y-your favorite artist

medusa, aesthetic, and alternative image Temporarily removed
I don´t have a favorite artist, but I am in love w evryone who makes ice sculptures