Hey you there,

Are you interested in make up? I am. Let me introduce you!


My name is Sammy, i'm 17 years old about 2 months 18, i live in The Netherlands, and guess what...... I'm a make up lover. :)

How did i become in the make up world?

So how did i become in the make up world? I always liked the girly things when i was younger, barbies, heels, pink, and of course children make up. When i growed up, i become a teen, so i started with mascara, just innocent, but it was the begin of my love for make up. With the years i went to discover some eyebrow product, foundation, concealer, and powder, just the basic stuff. If i look back to my old pictures, i can tell you, it doesn't look good at all. But in that time i didn't know better. To become better at something you need to take your time for that, and you have to practise a lot, not only for make up, but for everything. You want to become a good soccer player? Practise.


I saw those beautiful eyeshadow pictures everywhere, and i really loved make up, but i couldn't do that like those girls, and boys did. So i made a dicision! I created a make up Instagram page, and started to create looks, they were not the best, but at least it was something to start with.

And now?

I am just a ordinary girl that loves to play with make up, and especially with colorful eyeshadow, I'm going to school, but that's not what i really want of course... ( If you want i can write another article, how i think about school, what i want in my life, what i want to become in life.) I want to become one day a succesful make up artist. For now i need to go to school, and just make up in my free time, and put my creations on my Instagram, and let the whole world see it. I really love to do that. <3

So what do i want to say?

I just want to tell you, that if you want to become better at something, do it! Practise! If it is in your heart, it will always comes back, and make you happy. And if you want to become better at something, please go and start with it! Practise makes perfect, that is something i realised the last year. If you keep sitting on your chair, you will never become good at that one thing. Just start, and who knows where you will be in a year?

This is my first article, and don't mind me if my English is bad sometimes, but it is my second language i speak. <3

My instagram is https://www.instagram.com/bysammyx/ , let's follow each other! Dms are always open if you need someone to talk with, and dm me that you're there because of weheartit! See you another time, or on Instagram sweetheart <3