Hey guys ! Hope everything is fine for you ! (if not remember things always clear up don't give pls) So in today's article I just wanted to talk about my favourite fandoms so let's go :)

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༄ Harry Potter

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ok this one is really obv but like i couldn't do this article and not include it… i love harry potter like for real ! if you're a potterhead like me check out my harry potter collection full of memes :

༄ The big bang theory

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this serie is like my favourite one i can't count how many times i cried (of laugh or sadness) if you don't know it yet go check it please !

༄ Riverdale

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yes it has been a weird season but i still really love this serie, and the character… i think all of you know it so yup

༄ Avengers/MCU

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i'm a huge fan of mcu especially avengers. my favourite characters are iron man (i know don't cry pls) and black panther :)

༄ On my block

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do i really have to explain how much i love this serie ? i'm writing a french fanfiction on it (wattpad : warister) like for real oscar i'm in love with u

༄ Disney

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i cried during coco and the lion king and my little sister is making fun of me for it but idc for real… i live for Disney. my favourite are the lion king and mulan (i'm wearing a mulan pj from Undiz btw)

Ok so here it is ! Hope you liked, and I'll see you guys soon love :)ღ