School is just around the corner and if you're feeling anxious about starting a new term/ semester or going to Uni for the first time , then these tips will help you ease your anxiety on the night before the first day of school:

1. set out a stylish first day of school outfit

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Choose a poppin' outfit that will replace your worries with confidence. Having a stylish outfit will calm your nerves and make you excited to show off your amazing outfit on your first day back to school.

2. pamper yourself

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What better way to deal with stress than to treat yourself to something special? exfoliate with a face scrub, put on a lip scrub, put on a robe and read your fave magazine or book.

3. get your school bag ready

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Packing all your Back to School essentials the night before is the MOST important job to get done. Having this task checked off your to-do list will relieve of you of so much stress.

4.write down goals for the school year

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Organise your thoughts by writing down 10 academic goals you want to conquer in the new school year. 5 of these goals can be serious and the other could be 5 fun academic goals.

5. relax & get a good nights rest

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I know it can be hard to get some good sleep on the first night back to school because anxiety can keep you awake all night; but to relax your mind, try to think of the positives of returning back to school. This could be reuniting with your friends, attending your favourite class etc.

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