Today I was mad.

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No, not that kind where you curse a few times at things and just let it go. I was the kind of mad where tears ran down my face in an uncontrollable fashion, snot everywhere, and my head threatened to explode. I'm sure everyone knows that feeling. Anger bubbled inside of me. I was so mad that I packed my bags, grabbed my keys, and left without even saying goodbye. I swear, if I wasn't so upset, I'd laugh at how much I acted like a dramatic heroine from a movie.

And because I was mad then, I am mad now because in this calm state of mind, I can see how I could've handled things better. I am so ashamed at myself for leaving like that. So to vent my frustration, I am doing what always helps me feel better: write.

If you ever felt like how I am right now, I'm sure you have ways to chill the ef out.

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Use them.

Do everything in your power to regain control because

  • Your clouded mind prevents you from rationalizing.
  • Your ego will not let you accept sincere apologies from someone you love because it feeds on your angry thoughts.
  • You can lose precious time and valuable moments because instead you chose to argue and fight.
  • You say mean things when you probably do not mean them.
  • You can even lose someone who truly loves you.

And I did. I lost precious time and valuable moments. I don't know when I'll get the chance to have more. I said mean things that I didn't mean. My ego fed on my anger.

So the best advice to get you back on track is to:

apologize (and really mean it)
talk about it (not yell)

Life is nothing without compromise.

Trust me, a stupid argument is not worth your relationship. Ever.

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