Heyy, I'm Monique and in this article I want to do the "If I had a coffee shop tag" I found at the profile of Andreea Roberta. Her profile and article are linked right here:

Andreea Pantea
Andreea Pantea

The original creator of this tag was Lene. Her profile & the original article will be linked right here:

But I'll start right now without further introduction:


I would like a orange-ish wall with green shutters. I'd like orange & red flowers as decoration and maybe a balcony like in the last pic.

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A view at the ocean or at least a lake or river would be amazing! Big windows with flowing white curtains.

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I'd like flowers once again and lots of light strings. Also, a lot of hammocks androcking chairs. I would also like that the tables aren't too high, more like knee-high so you can sit on the floor.

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Classic, minimalistic black chalkboard.

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As I said before, on a beach or at least somewhere near the waters.

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6 | DRINKS 🥤

(Iced) Coffee. With loads of syrups: classical ones like caramel, chocolate and fruits but also mint and other herbs, nuts and sweet ones like cupcake, bubblegum and donut.
Chocolate, oreo, donut and cupcake shakes.
Classic milkshakes.
And alcohol ofc because everyone knows no good story ever started with a salad :)

coffee, drink, and food image chocolate, drink, and aesthetic image Image by Jenn Roum Mature image

7 | SWEETS 🧁

Pancakes, cookies, and lava cakes. Also, those cute little cookie dough cups are super cute. I'd serve them to every order because they are just amazingly fancy.

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8 | FOODS 🍴

Mainly sandwiches or just bread with simple vegetables. I'd love a buffet or at least that the people can choose what they'd like on their sandwich individually.

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9 | DECOR ✨

Neon lights in the form of a heart and cute wall tattoos. Vinyl records and a record player obviously. Also, those cute planting buckets with cacti and stuff.

heart, neon, and light image coffee image decor, music, and vinyl image diy and terrarium image


10.1 | SPRING 🍃

FLOWERS! Even more than usual. Also, cute rainbow jellys and easter eggs.

Image by SaysAysaY blooms, blossom, and botanical image blooms, blossom, and botanical image background, beautiful, and beauty image

10.2 | SUMMER ☀️

Ice cream and summery drinks (aka alcohol) and iced smoothies.

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10.3 | FALL 🍂

Light strings, glittery stuff and leafs. Also, pumpkins and hot chocolate.

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10.4 | WINTER ☃️

Light strings once again and a X-mas tree and just some cheesy decorations.

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