Taking a break from social media isn't always easy. If you've clicked on this article, you're probably tired of seeing other people's posts on Instagram, stories on Snapchat and everyone's lives in general. Or, you just want to stop yourself from posting everything about your life out there.

1. Make a list

Before logging off of your social media accounts, it'd be good to make a list about: How long you want to take a break, the reason and other things you want to do, instead of being on your phone for hours. This will help insanely much and make you feel better.

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2. Let your friends and family know

You might have some friends and relatives, that you won't be able to talk to them during the time that you're having this break. The best thing to do, is to let them know about it, just so they don't get worried.

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3. Deactivate your account

This is the most important step; By deactivating your account and deleting the app from your phone, you will remember not to log in again. Of course, you'll be able to activate it again whenever you want.

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4. Start something new

By taking this break, you can start working on yourself and get to know your strengths, abilities and skills on other things. Draw, start a sport, dance, sing and do what makes your soul happy by trying something new.

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5. Organize your personal space

Organizing is really important. Clean your room, organize your desk, make your bed, do your homework and whatever else makes you feel proud of achieving it. Not everybody is in the mood to do these things, but when you finish doing them, you'll feel like you've done something good for yourself. Trust me.

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That's it. I hope you found this article helpful. Love you all.

-e ♥

P.S: English isn't my first language, so you might find some spelling or grammar mistakes.