What is your character's personality?

Lara is very sarcastic. Her friends would tell you that her second name is Sarcasm.

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But sometimes she can be very nice and very kind. Especially to her family and her friends and of course to her boyfriend.

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But everybody has the other side of personality, right? Lara has the other side of her personality too. Sometimes she is sad, tired and sometimes in depressions. Because life is not easy, right?

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Lara isn't innocent she's drinking, smoking and she loves parties. But sometimes she is dissentious. She follows her one rule. Don't break your back, because of them.

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Also she want the better world for all of us so she's going to demonstrations.I can describe her like feminist and activist.

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Lara is troublemaker and she likes breaking rules with her friends. When she was in high school she did so many bad things.

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And last thing about her. Lara is very smart and she is so good in explanation.

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Soooo this is all for this article I hope you enjoyed it and I hope'll read my other articles. I love you guys so much <333

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