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1.Name: Jackson Grey
2.Age: 25
3. Birthday: 7 February 1994
4. Zodiac sign: Aquarius
5. Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

6. General biography

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He comes from a big family. He has two little sisters and he helps his mother, because the dad is an alcoholic so he is the only man in the house. He's not that close with other relatives like his sisters - Max and Addison. He's the best brother, smart, treats people and especially women with respect, kind, understanding and creative. Has bad habits - smoking and drinking ( but not like his father).

7. Appearance

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dark hair, fit, green eyes, freckles(but just a little)

8. Style

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9. Personality

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10. Hobbies

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watching tv shows and movies, drawing, travel

11. Dreams/Goals

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he wants to have a family and to be a great dad and husband despite his own father, Jackson wants to be an actor and to create big charity campaign

12. Music taste

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rock, pop, 90s music... basically everything he likes, the genre doesn't matter