Day 18: What is the worst thing your character has done to another person?

Day 19: What is the kindest thing your character has done, but has never told it to anyone?

When she was very little she was pretty mean and would get violent out of nowhere. Because of that she had a lot of nannies. The worst she ever did was stick a fork in the hand of one of them. When her father told her the story several years later she insisted to write her a letter to apologize. She stopped being violent at the age of 5 or 6.

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Once when Alice was 8 an old lady knocked on the front door. Alice was home alone but she let the woman in. She was homeless so Alice let her take a shower in her bathroom and gave her some of her mother's old clothes and gave her some bread, cookies and water. She wanted the woman to stay but she refused. Alice never told her father.


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