hey guys! i'm back with more recommendations from the 60s, 70s, and 80s! hopefully this gives you some inspiration and gets you into some great bands!

bargain - the who (who's next, 1971)

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i sit looking 'round / i look at my face in the mirror / i know I'm worth nothing without you / and like one and one don't make two

in the lap of the gods - queen (a night at the opera, 1975)

Queen, rock, and Freddie Mercury image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
there is no beginning, there is no ending / there is no meaning in my pretended / believe me, life goes on and on and on

take me to the top - motley crue (too fast for love, 1981)

you should totally watch the biopic about motley crue on netflix called "the dirt". it is so good and very entertaining. some great humor and lessons in it too.
motley crue and 80's music image motley crue image
no, no, no fight all temptation / well, in a black-hearted alley fight / i'm screaming / take me to the heights tonight

peace frog - the doors (morrison hotel, 1970)

60s, aesthetic, and band image band, Jim Morrison, and legends image
blood in the streets in the town of new haven / blood stains the roofs and the palm trees of venice / blood in my love in the terrible summer / bloody red sun of phantastic l.a.

gimme shelter - the rolling stones (let it bleed, 1969)

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ooh, see the fire is sweepin' / our very street today / burns like a red coal carpet / mad bull lost its way

train in vain (the clash, london calling, 1980)

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you say you stand by your man / tell me something i don't understand / you said you love me and that's a fact / and then you left me, said you felt trapped

loser in the end - queen (queen ii, 1974) *roger taylor vocals

Queen, Freddie Mercury, and roger taylor image Image by pia.
she's got to be the loser in the end / she's got to be the loser in the end / misuse her and you'll lose her as a friend / she's ma on whom you can always depend ooh

who are you - the who (who are you, 1978)

Image removed band and the who image
i woke up in a Soho doorway / a policeman knew my name / he said you can go sleep at home tonight / if you can get up and walk away

devo - whip it (freedom of choice, 1980)

band, dance, and gif image 70s, band, and punk image
crack that whip / give the past the slip / step on a crack / break your momma's back

julia - the beatles (the beatles (the white album), 1968)

the beatles, george harrison, and john lennon image the beatles, john lennon, and george harrison image
julia, julia, ocean child, calls me / so I sing a song of love, julia / julia, seashell eyes, windy smile, calls me / so I sing a song of love, julia

get down, make love - queen (news of the world, 1977)

Queen, roger taylor, and john deacon image Image removed
you say you wanna cool down / you say its enough / in fact its too much / every time i wanna get down get down get down

i hope you guys have enjoyed this fourth installment of my song recommendations!

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