Inspiration :

I feel I'm going to constantly mention @Shirley_senpai because i love so much her articles ! Haha XD <3

My own aesthetic ~

brown eyes, eyes, and green eyes image burn, eyes, and lolita image beautiful, brunette, and girl image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚

Movie character aesthetic ~

different, error, and quotes image Temporarily removed airport, asian, and eyes image labyrinth and maze image
Minho - The maze Runner

TV Show character aesthetic ~

Temporarily removed asian, eye, and eyes image Temporarily removed music, light, and microphone image
Tina - Glee

Book character aesthetic ~

boy, ginger, and cute image Abusive image beauty, celeste, and eye image Image by Räčha Fã
Lucky - Aberrations

Cartoon character aesthetic ~

Abusive image boy, blonde, and aesthetic image dark and grunge image aesthetic, black, and edit image
Bill Cypher - Gravity Falls

Actor aesthetic ~

newt and thomas sangster image Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed
Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Actress aesthetic ~

Temporarily removed Image removed beautyfull, goddess, and rose image black and shoes image
Zendaya Coleman

Cartoon aesthetic ~

gravity falls image ?, art, and bill image gravity falls, dipper pines, and bill cypher image Temporarily removed
Gravity Falls

TV Show aesthetic ~

cat, animal, and black image game image shark, pink, and water image Image removed
Dirk Gently detective holistique

Band/Singer Aesthetic ~

art, dance, and inspiration image asian, girls, and kpop image aesthetic, anime, and cassette image lyric, me, and Queen image
Lalisa Manoban - Blackpink

Book aesthetic ~

nature, travel, and ocean image bts, jimin, and suga image forest, green, and nature image beauty, couple, and goals image

Male OC aesthetic ~

Temporarily removed eyes, green eyes, and tabs image Mature image funny, god, and wish image
Kaï - 17 yo - impulsive/funny/baguarreur - black hair/green eyes

Female OC aesthetic ~

introvert and shy image aesthetic, baby doll, and hand image asian, bambi, and bubbles image people, gun, and quote image blue, hair, and aesthetic image 90s, fav, and glitter image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Nao Akoba - 17 yo - shy/introvert/cute - long blue hair/yellow eyes

Someone who exist in real life aesthetic ~

girl, eyes, and aesthetic image short hair, brown hair, and hair image skin, grunge, and michelle image anxiety and meme image
My half-sister <3

Album aesthetic ~

Temporarily removed melanie martinez and k-12 image crybaby, Lyrics, and stickers image cute, pink, and soft image
K-12 - Melanie Martinez [6th september]

K i s s ~