Sometime I think of things, I usually keep it for myself, and sometimes I am curious. What will be your reaction. I want you to confronte my certitudes.

Only if a soul wants to.


As a human being, we are going to die one day. But sometimes we don't want to wait to die by the hand of Nature or an accident (that wasn't our fault).

Suicidal thoughts doesn't involve depression in this case.

I don't think that the question is "how am I going to die ?", but do I have someone to share how I truly feel. And say aloud that dying now wouldn't bothering me because…(everyone has its own reason).

If I have the chance to put words on the situation (that is not easy).

Now the painful question is not "how am I going to die ?" but "Is someone here to listen to me ?".

I wish everyone here has someone to talk to !