Baekhyun- UN Village

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This is just amazing, I'm so proud of my baby! Baekhyun is the love of my life and my ultimate bias so I was really excited for this solo debut and I was not disappointed! I bought both versions of his album and I really recommend you to listen to it!


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I didn't like the song at first but now I love it! I watch every live performance and I always enjoy it ❤️ The choreo is out of this world, it's so far my favorite this year! Their outfits are gorgeous, thank you to the stylist! I love their charisma on stage! They're really something different than the other groups.

NATURE- I'm So Pretty

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The comeback of my sweet princesses! This song is so catchy and I love everything about it! My bias Saebom really shine this era and I love it. The choreography, the MV and the outfits are amazing. I'm just sad because of Lu, she prepared so hard for this comeback but unfortunately she fractured her toe so she can't perform with other girls:( Get well soon Lu!

EXO-SC- What a life

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New unit from EXO! Please support this pure boys. They've put a lot of effort in this album. They work really hard to please their fans! They've wrote a lot of things by themselves so I'm really proud of them ❤️

Taemin- Famous

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Japanese comeback from the king. He is just like... "Famous, he's so fabulous. Famous, he's so dangerous"

DAY6- Time of Our Life

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They are just the best band ever ❤️ And they finally got their 1st win on music show! Stan DAY6


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So if you don't know UHSN was a project created by MNET. It was like a reallity show. 10 girls from different countries all over the world came to South Korea to learn about Korean culture and to try Korean training process. They've learned how to sing and dance and at the end they released this catchy song and came back to their countries. I really love this song! And a girl from my country was in this show- Luna from Poland! I don't have their picture so here is a cute pic of Chiba Erii, who was part of this project! (she was also in pd48 and she's a member of AKB48)


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I'm really starting to like GWSN lately! I always loved them as a group but I wasn't a big fan of their music, it just wasn't my style. But now their music starts to grow on me!

Ailee- Room Shaker

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Justice for Ailee! We've waited for so long for our queen to comeback but now she got banned by her shitty ex company and she can't promote at music shows! She deserve better. This song is amazing btw, support this vocal queen!

SoRi x Folded Dragons- I Am Not Alone

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This is art! Everyone knows that Sori is a good singer but who would've thought that she is a freaking dancing machine?! Like she is just gorgeous. This choreo is a masterpiece and she looks like a queen in the MV. I haven't seen something like that in kpop for a long time