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- I just watched the trailer for 13 reasons why season 3 and I am really looking forward to it, and the new brockhampton album comes out the same day so I am really excited for the 23rd of august.

D A Y 21 - What I would find in your bag

(I will be doing my school bag btw)

1. School books depending on what classes I have that day

school, bag, and college image books, school, and english image

2. My pencil case with all my stationary

Image removed marker, pen, and supplies image

3. My planner, my lifesaver lol

bullet journal image journal, school, and bullet journal image

4. I also have snacks or a drink in my bag preferably water

boyfriend, chips, and chocolate image Image by S A N A A

5. I carry a small bag filled with pads, tampons, hand cream, lip balm, wipes, tissue etc. I think most girls carry one of these but I am such a germophobe lol

Temporarily removed girly, pencil case, and school image

6. My house keys

7. Chewing gum

8. I usually carry my binder in my hands when I bring it to school

school, study, and notes image Temporarily removed

9. I normally have lose change in my bag in case I ever need to buy a drink or food

10. Deodorant !!!

thank u for reading x

- T