It really sucks seeing everyone around you so sad.

Even if you are having a great day, if something bad happens to your family or friends, you will definitely be affected by it. It’s just natural. I know I am that kind of person to mirror any emotion that people feel around me. I’m sure many of you guys are, too. Can’t lie, it is very hard for me to be that rock in the group, the support. I am not the one who will lead everyone through the dark tunnel, instead I would be the one who needs help to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s okay if you are like me. It’s not a bad thing to get help from others when you need it. In fact, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re desperately trying to reach the surface of the water, yet you find yourself drowning each time you try to swim, ask for a life saver. Talk to someone. We live in a society where showing emotions are considered a weak characteristic and hiding what you feel is considered strong.

What’s up with that?

Since when did emotions start being an embarrassing thing? I know we’re living in a technological era, but come on, are we striving to become robots ourselves? I hope not. Because that would be scary.

Okay, let’s consider this: you’re not telling your significant other how you are feeling, he’s not telling you what he’s feeling. So like what do you expect? Tinker Bell to magically create telepathic waves between the two of you, so ideas could be shared, so emotions could be cherished, so souls could be amended? Ha, I wish. Instead, he’s going to dwell on his frustration, his sadness, his anger, and you will do the same, honestly because in this world, Tinker Bell is as real as my nonexistent friendship with Harry Styles.

I think the problem is that most of us feel too embarrassed to seek help, we’re in denial, or we just have a really big ego. All of these reasons are valid, but in the long run, do you really want your embarrassment, your ego to hinder you from self-growth? It is common for our brains to keep us from uncomfortable situations– it’s the brain’s way to keep us from putting ourselves in danger. But remember, our brains have plasticity– our brain connections, neurons, pathways, whatever you want to call them, can change. We can redefine what comfortable means to us whenever we want. We just need to really accept the pain and uneasy feeling and use it for our own benefit. I know it’s easier said than done, but hey, someone has to say it. Most of us don’t even say what’s necessary for others to hear.

Going back to the beginning, I know shit happens in life all the time. It’s very easy to become hermit crabs and go back in our shells whenever we want to hide us from multiple stressors– like seeing your family and friends stress (right now my bff is so stressed because of internship!). I wish there was a Tinker Bell but not because she could hide us from all the pain in the world, but to make us understand that pain really is necessary. Really, would we really understand the meaning of pleasure if it didn’t?

Would a nice warm bath relax you if you weren’t stressed out in the first place?

Would your bed feel as comforting to you if you never knew danger existed?

And finally, would you know what love feels like if you never experienced hatred?

Yes, it’s okay to be guided through that dark tunnel– it always is!– but you also need to remember that journey, remember who helped you, and remember that if anyone ever seems like he or she needs help, don’t ever leave them in the dark by themselves. The light does exist in the end, you need to let everyone know that, and that includes yourself.

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