so... I know it's a hard subject but i really want to share some tips which have helped me to fight my anxiety.

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first of all : you're not alone

I know most of people think they're alone, but it's not the case. in fact, lots of people are there for help you but you don't see them, try to open yourself. Maybe you have a friend, a cousin, or even a parent ready to listen to you. And if you open your eyes and still don't see anyone, I'm here for you, just write me ;).

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second : express yourself

to go out your depression and anxiety you need to calm down and express clearly what you think and how do you feel. Just focus. It's strange but when you will express clearly your feelings you will understand them more and find yourself your answers. You just need to be honest with yourself. Because when you talk, you don't realize that you talk to someone but you also talk to yourself. it's strange but true :). you can talk to your friend, parents or a psychologist or a docteur or even to yourself, in the front of your mirror or just write your feelings in a notebook. it doesn't matter how you express yourself as long as you do it and feel better :)

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third : fight your fears

it's maybe the hardest thing to do. fight your fears. but you need to do this because all the bad things come to your fears. Don't be afraid anymore. you're strong. you're not alone. and you're determined to stop all of this. so start now ! you can do it with another person if it's too hard and there's no shame to have fear, anxiety, to fail or to cry. Don't forget, you're a human, you don't need to be perfect, nobody ask that. Do mistakes to do better :)

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four : nothing it's important

the only important thing is health. Never forget. if you fail an exam, it doesn't count. It doesn't determined who you are, nor what you re worth. Just know yourself, what you deserve and be proud of what you're doing. Even if it's a big mess. Be proud of your mess ;) and don't think to much, just live ;)

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I'm french so if think I made a lot of mistakes, I'm already sorry for that. What's more I speak about a hard subject, please don't hate me if you didn't feel that way or if i didn't help you, I just try to share some tips that helped me :)
Don't forget, if you need help I'm here for you ^^

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