Hello world!
I want to start writing, I want to improve my writing skills. I tried writing for We heart it, I tried writing in a notebook, failed both. I want to try again so I chose We heart it, maybe I’ll inspire someone. I just want to write for myself.

This post is for the ones who are afraid to try. Don’t worry everybody feels afraid at some point, especially to try something new or try again what they failed once.

You just need courage. Try things, new things, retry old ones.

The unknown is scary. The future is scary. But you need to get out of your comfort zone. Go out. Explore the world, explore yourself, find yourself.

It’s easy to talk, I know.

Last year I got out of my comfort zone and went 300km south with a friend to volunteer in an event that I love, Comic Con Portugal. I met so many people. I enjoyed the four days event so much. I met youtubers and actors I like. I met my boyfriend there. See? I took me out of my comfort zone and had an amazing experience! And this year want to go again.

This is one big example. You can start by sending a message to someone you want and don’t have courage. You can start by talking to that one person in your class. You can start by go shopping alone or go running. You can start a new hobby. So many possibilities.

By trying you will feel rewarded and happy, believe me. If you fail, don't worry. Shit happens. Just move on and try again you will succeed. Don't give up on things because it didn't happen the way you expected. Everything happens for a reason, you just need to move on.

Live your life to the limit. Old ways won’t open new doors.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn with your mistakes and try again.

Bye world! See you next post.

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