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Hello angels Today I’m sharing my essentials for School, to that I tried to add some of the best and effective Pinterest tips in my opinion. In September, I will start my senior year in high school which means a lot of work so I’m trying to settle a new routine.

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- Start with Peak you don’t have to use it but when you’re feeling unmotivated it helps you. You can train your brain and this app really helps focusing

- Plan with the Homework App if you are someone like me who needs to have an overview of the things you need to do or just even a school calendar on your phone, it can be handy. This app is really easy to to use.

- Use Quizlet only when you’re done with your homework. Everyone knows Quizlet and if you don’t it’s basically an app that helps you memorizing words or vocabulary or even dates in a really fun way. Really works for everybody wether you're a visual, tactile or auditory learner

- Drops it’s an app where you can learn basics in a foreign language. I honestly prefer this app over Duolingo or Babel

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- Get a planner or an agenda to write down your assignments it's really important to write every single one of them. You can use The Homework app to have an overview to when you're supposed to be done

here are some good supplies articles if you haven't bought your school supplies yet

- Do any types of assignments right away and by right away I mean the day you have it. For example if you have a book to read order it the same day and start to read it as soon as you have it, so you won’t get overwhelmed and won’t be tempted to procrastinate later. If you have homework pretend they’re assignments. If they aren’t graded work as much as if they were. But first start by the hardest task

- Listening to some music can help you focusing and can motivates you. Choose gentler songs or satisfying sounds. I will post another playlist really soon but you can check my others playlist

- Focus on one task at the time or you will be overwhelmed, confused and distracted and that leads to procrastination. If you have thoughts when you're working just write them down on a piece of paper

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- Take notes by hand because writing something out is the memory equivalent of reading it seven times you should have also a color code your notes to draw attention to important information. It’s really helpful if you are a visual learner and if you are auditory, consider reading the material aloud as well

- Teach to someone else or at least pretend you are. You’ll be able to tell if you understood it well or identify your areas of weakness. Studies cite that the average person retains 90% of what they learn when they teach the concept. Try to have a study group. If someone is struggling with a concept having you explain it to them can be really helpful for both of you

- Take breaks of at least 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Your brain needs to rest. And it's completely okay retain everything at once. Just set a timer to keep track of the time

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