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if you are, like me, almost going back to school but worried about how you're gonna start your new routines for the new school year; here's a simple and chill one :)

Prepare the night before

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by packing your schoolbag the night before, you don't have to look for something important in the morning. Same goes for your outfit, set it out the night before or at least pick a general aesthetic in your head to go for so you don't stress and change your outfit 5x before you leave. Also (if you want to) you can make a little emergency kit for school you can keep in your locker with little essentials like travel size deodorant, a little concealer and lipbalm, as well as sanitary products.

Prepare the week before

by working on yourself inside and out in several ways:

  • Drink Water (around 2 liters a day, it helps with things from your mood, energy levels, digestion, concentration, to obviously your skin. If you are struggling to drink pure water because you think it's too bland, there's easy additions like elderflower syrup or fruit infusions to add :)
  • Try and reduce your sugar intake as well as dairy and gluten if you have acne-prone skin, because (at least for me) 80% of the time, those are the culprits for my breakouts because my skin is so sensitive to what i eat. Another benefit to eating a cleaner and more alkaline diet is that it greatly improved my mental health and general wellbeing, but more on that in another article.
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  • Declutter your room & closet (Marie Kondo Style), this will allow you to start the year with a "clean slate" (feeling already fresher and more ready to take on the challenges the coming year will throw at you.) TIP: If you own things that remind you of something painful or old memories, either toss it or reserve a closed space for those items so you can revisit them when you really want to, but aren't exposed to their energy all the time.
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  • Deep Condition your Hair to add shine and (if you have natural hair) have your curls pop :*
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  • Get your nails done (if you like having them), it gives you a clean and put together look. If you don't like nail polish I would recommend just cutting and buffing them, then adding a nail oil :)
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Ok now the *actual morning routine*

Wake up early (I reserve an hour before having to leave for school) to not be in a rush

Brush your teeth and wash your face, if you don't use a facial wash in the morning, just splash your face with cool water for an adrenaline rush if you haven't woken up yet

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Shower (if you didn't shower last night), shave if you want to, use your favourite scent to feel in your element and confident

Dry off and moisturize all over cause you don't want to be ashy

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Put moisturizer on your face (if you haven't yet) it's super important and sinks in best right after a shower, every skintype needs moisturizer especially oily or combination because adding moisture combats ur skin overproducing oil.

Spray on your favourite perfume for added confidence :)

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Put on an outfit in which you feel confident but is comfortable enough for school (and obviously follows the dress-code if you have one, even if it sucks :/)

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Follow an easy minimal makeup routine (make it too complicated and you will rush through your morning) : My minimal makeup routine includes 7 products: Primer, Concealer, Setting Powder, Bronzer, Blush, Eyebrow Pencil, Lip Butter/Balm/Gloss (If i want some added shine, a little highlight) .If you want to add a subtle pop to your eyes, swipe a little gold or bronze shimmer eyeshadow over your lid, those colours look good with every eye colour or skin tone. TIP: I often blot a little lipstick on my cheeks as blush as well as blotting some on my lips, so the look is tied together by the same colours :)

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just some simple makeup examples that I find cute <3

Sit down and eat an energizing breakfast (preferably not consistent of sugary cereal, maybe replace that with a banana or an apple, or just a really good sandwich or omelette), I've heard apple slices with peanut butter are supposed to be delicious, energizing and filling. Fruit sugar actually wakes you up better than caffeine according to some studies. If you do need caffeine though, I would recommend switching coffee for green tea, especially if you're trying to clear your skin (it contains compounds that act anti-inflammatory and may even reduce lipid levels), or trying to lose weight (It speeds up your metabolism).

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Fill your waterbottle for school because you need to sTay hYdrAtEd (your brain is 70% water), and now you're good to go <3

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