Even though this is the title, I am still writing. I guess maybe I am trying to convince myself that not all words are meaningless, just the people saying them. I strongly believe that words are powerful, but I have had people who I grew to love showing me how that wasn't the case.

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How is it possible that people say they will fight through every problem that appears, and then basically just have a change of heart? Everything seams sooo fragile with people. But I guess I didn't feel real while we were having that heart to heart, there was always something off about it. When I dive deeper in these thoughts, it appears that we were only somewhat of each others stronger hand, as we both moved further in life. But there wasn't much of needing a strong hand, I was and am very strong myself, however I was afraid to see that. It would mean I don't need anyone, and it means being alone. But not needing anyone doesn't mean being alone, it means you got the power to chose the best humans for you, and not depending on anyone. Funny how we can't see the truth waving at us, like blinded with the sun, we are blinded with our fears.

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I believe now, how I first should love myself and then be with someone, it's similar to depending only on myself, I can have a true friend. It won't be needing them, it will only be wanting them. And if there is some part of lonely time in my life, that's okay, that's growth.

It sure is nice having best friend, boyfriend, but it's not chosen because of our true wish, it's mostly chosen because of feeling incomplete, IF and only if we are not satisfied with ourselves. And for that to accomplish, we will go through all phases of getting to know ourselves through wrong decisions, mistakes and meaningless words.

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This friendship chapter is officially closed; but you know what they say ''If one door closes, other one ....'' Exactly!

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