Birth name Lilium Salix

botany, flowers, and fog image deer, girl, and animal image
Lilium, "Lily" in latin, Salix, "Willow" in latin.

Birth date August 3

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witch of the light


blonde, cottage, and countryside image cameo, lace, and white image butterfly, hair, and aesthetic image autumn, pie, and fall image
Euthalia, Lilium's mother, is patient and loves cooking.
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Clianthus, Lilium's father, loves studying magic spells and smoking the pipe.
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Lavandula, Lilium's little sister, loves desserts and can talk to animals.
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Anthos, "flower" in greek, Lilium's older brother, can control fire and likes exploring the woods.
ancient, scrolls, and aesthetic image boho, cream, and folk image herbs, magic, and herbal image autumn, bugs, and cottage image
Althea, Lilium's grandmother, is a healer who loves sewing and cooking with her daughter, Euthalia.
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Forsythia, Clianthus' sister, loves playing the piano and drawing. She has no powers.

Romantic interest

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Ezra can read people's mind but Lilium's. He loves studying plants and reading poems.


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Lilium loves wild animals and she has got a horse, Admetus.


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Apples and black tea


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She loves spending time with her friends - Violet, Dandelion, Gentiana and Hawthorn - and with Ezra. If it's sunny she usually eats outdoors while she draws plants and animals, if it's rainy she loves reading books with her sister, Lavandula.


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Own room

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Living room

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Enchantment room

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