There are a lot of boys, lot of types of boys but only one of them is your Mr. Right. In today's quiz you'll find out which one of them is the perfect for you. What is his hair color? What should be his interests? And what should be his fashion style? Thanks to this quiz you will finally know for sure which type is really the one for you. Ready? Let's find out!

Part one : Interests

Mark every sentence which is relatable to you and then count how many sentences of each color did you mark. The most dominant color is the result.

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❤ it drives me crazy when I have to stay at home with my boyfriend
💚 inner beauty is more important for me
💜 beautiful boy with a cute dog is the perfect combination for me
💛 I like every kind of music
💙 I have lots of friends and I'm very popular
💚 I love playing video games
❤ watching football or basketball matches is awesome
💜 I always laugh at boys who are afraid of some animal
💛 when I'm in a bad mood, new song or new CD makes me happy
💙 I am fearless
💜 I would hug and pet literally every dog I see
💛 I always know what's up in the music world
❤ abs are important for me
💙 partying is my favorite kind of thing
💚 chatting and being on my phone is my favorite thing to do
💛 I like to brag about myself
💙 I'm very friendly and love meeting new people
💜 my perfect first date would be in a ZOO or pet ZOO
💚 my phone is a part of me - the same goes for my notebook or PC
❤ I get bored easily
💛 I play on a musical instrument
💙 it's okay when a couple doesn't spend time with each other 24/7
❤ I've got a favorite football team
💜 I've got a pet(s)

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Now count your answers and the most dominant color is the result!

Mostly 💚 : Computer geek
Your perfect boyfriend would be a guy who loves computers, phones and everything which includes technology.

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Mostly 💜 : Animal lover
If you choosed mainly purple, your perfect boyfriend would be a guy who works at animal shelter, rescues animals and has a big heart.

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Mostly 💙 : Mr. Popularity
When most of your relatable sentences have blue heart, it means that you are a popular and very friendly girl, who simply loves attention and is a huge extrovert. So, your perfect boyfriend would be someone who also loves being around lot of people.

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Mostly 💛 : Music expert
You can't imagine your life without music and so can't your boyfriend. Maybe someone who plays in a garage band or has a succesful SoundCloud account would be the perfect one for you.

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Mostly ❤ : Sportsman
A guy who hates to be bored, a guy who is always thirsty for a new adventure and a guy who has a perfect physique. You need someone who has as much energy as you have!

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Part two : Style

So. Now you know what should be his interest. But what would be his style? Always choose just one option.

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1) What kind of style is your favorite? (When it comes boys ofc)
a) sporty
b) casual, hip-hop or when he has his own style
c) stylish
d) rock, metal or goth

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2) Favorite colors?
a) green and brown
b) blue and gray
c) black and purple
d) black and silver

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3) Which one of these celebrities is the hottest?
a) Neymar
b) Cameron Dallas
c) Pete Wentz
d) Robert Smith (The Cure)

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4) Summer's over.. your reaction?
a) damn... I can't enjoy sports outside
b) time to wear sneakers and hoodies
c) excited for Halloween
d) I like colder weather anyway

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5) What's your favorite pattern?
a) stripes
b) I don't have one
c) checks
d) skulls

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6) Last question.. what kind of jeans do you like on boys most?
a) the wider the better! Or sweatpants
b) whatever kind he likes
c) black and tight
d) ripped jeans!

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Now count how many answers of each letter did you choose. The dominant letter is your result!

Mostly A - Sporty
A guy who enjoys sports and loves to be outside would be your soulmate.

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Mostly B - Casual
A guy who is 100% himself and has other priorities than his looks. However, he know what looks good on him.

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Mostly C - Fashionable
Or trendy. A guy who cares about his looks and is an expert in fashion. Fashion is important for you, so a guy who shares you passion is the right one!

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Mostly D - Rocker
A guy who's favorite music influences his fashion style.

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Part three : Hair color

Now you know his interests and his fashion style. But how about hair color? Of course, this is just a detail and not really that important as the two previous ones, at least for some girls. But if you are curious.. let's do it!

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1) Is it really important for you to first know the guy and then date him?
a) no
b) kinda
c) it depends
d) yes!

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2) Do you enjoy telling funny stories to your friends and relatives?
a) yes
b) very much
c) sometimes
d) not really

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3) Do you like people who have no problem to make fun of others?
a) love them
b) hate them
c) it's okay
d) only if it's mutual

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4) Do you want a guy who will be more protective type or who will be your friend?
a) friend
b) both
c) more of a protective boyfriend but also a friend. Like 60/40
d) protector

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5) Is it okay when a girl has her secrets?
a) no
b) rather not
c) it depends
d) sure

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6) Do you care about what other people say about you behind your back?
a) yes, very much
b) sometimes
c) only if it's serious
d) who gives a damn?

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7) Choose a personality trait:
a) confident
b) funny
c) talkative
d) mysterious

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Ready? Okay, now count your answers and check out the results!

Mostly As : Blonde
Blonde guys are usually confident, enjoys being the center of attention, are lively and curious. With a guy like this you will have a lot of fun!

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Mostly Bs : Red
Red heads are funny, carefree and calm. If you don't take life too seriously, a ginger would be perfect for you.

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Mostly Cs : Brown
Guys with my brown hair are talkative, reliable and always there for you. He will aways listen to you and with a guy like this you will never feel alone.

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Mostly Ds : Black
Black-haired boys are mysterious and look like they never let anyone to get close to them. Of course, this isn't always true. He will always let you know how it is between you two. If you love everything mysterious and hard to get, he is the right one for you!

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