Aesthetic: Me

lgbt, gay, and human image Temporarily removed aesthetic, theme, and art image Temporarily removed

Aesthetic: Movie Character

gif, mary, and rachel mcadams image england image Temporarily removed couple, rachel mcadams, and romance image
Tim Lake, Cuestión de Tiempo (About time)

Aesthetic: TV show character

张予曦 image Image by iwasalilac_sky belleza, moda, and retro image Temporarily removed
Shi Ya, No puedo abrazarte (无法拥抱的你)

Aesthetic: Cartoon character

cartoon, couple, and disney image art, fashion, and drawing image pink, pastel, and aesthetic image food, pink, and macaroons image
Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Miraculous: Las Aventuras de Ladybug.

Aesthetic: Book character

fashion, black, and model image hazel image chanel, luxury, and car image Image by al_vin
Alice Cullen, Crepúsculo (Twilight)

Aesthetic: Movie

movies and 13 going on 30 image city, autumn, and aesthetic image filmes, jennifer garner, and movies image coffee and *steveh image

Jenna Rink, Como si tuviera 30 (13 Going on 30)

Aesthetic: Music Artist

twenty one pilots image twenty one pilots, trench, and josh dun image Image by DepressIOn twenty one pilots, wallpaper, and yellow image
Twenty One Pilots

Aesthetic: Someone from real life

girl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by tenderlygirl
Amo mi desordenada vida.