So I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I do know how to get decent grades and maintain a GPA. Mine is normally around the 3.7 range (3.8 is the requirement for NHS so I can't do it huff). Here are some tips and tricks on how to at least feel a little bit comfy with your organization.


Use a calender to keep track of tests, quizzes, due dates, homework, and events. I normally keep it color coded, but you don't have to do that.
~Keep on desk with main binder, so you'll always be ready to jot down anything new.
~Check when writing to do lists and when you get home

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~Say hello/good morning to teacher
~Turn in homework right away if you have any
~Put waterbottle, pens and pencil, and that subject's notebook on desk.
~Put main binder leaning against desk
~Do any bellwork
~In each notebook, have a section for questions. When you have questions, jot them down so you don't forget.
~Pack five minutes before the bell if you can.
~Say goodbye and thank you to teacher on your way out

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~In class, write down everything you hear-don't worry about neatness.
~At home, transfer notes neatly. If you're having trouble, research the topic and add those notes to your original ones. This is a great way to review and study. Bonus points if you research extra facts
~Choose 2 colors
~Choose theme: (Space, flowers, cursive, blocks, geometric, doodles, song lyrics/quotes..make it interesting
~Choose bullet point theme (Arrows, bullets, dashes, hearts, diamonds, dots, planets, stars.
~Choose format (Cornell notes, thought bubbles, speech bubbles, boxes

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~Go over planner. Have on desk and check off as you go.
~Computer work first
~Take out only what you need for that subject and put it away when done
~Every hour, take a 5-10 minute break. Drink water, flip laundry, go outside, check in with family, electronics. Set a timer.

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~Study three days prior to test.
~Flash cards for vocabulary
~Quizlet for other questions
~Practice-Khan Academy is great.
~Go over notes
~Make connections, random things to help you remember.
EX: distal sounds like distant so it means "the part farthest from the point of attachment.
Proximity Sounds like proximal, so it means closer to the point of attachment.

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~If you have G.C., check it every day. If the teacher posts about activites for the week, write it down in planner.


Write grades (As a whole subject and single assignments), GPA, and attendance down for each subject in their notebooks.


~Redo anything below an A (personal goal- do whatever floats your boat)
~Do everything to the best of your ability
~Ask for help-don't let pride or fear get in the way
~Re-check answers
~Clean out backpack every night

Thanks for reading! I hope some of my tips might help you!
You got this!