Heelllloo people, today I'm going to write about the typical day I have on weekdays, and how I fail on all my goals for each day :) This is a part of my school series, in honor of going back..

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So normally, the night before, I set my alarm for 5 a.m. to stretch and read my Bible. Most of the time I get up and turn it off and go back to sleep.

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At six, I get ready for school.. I wash my face, put in my contacts, do my makeup, hair, get dressed, and clean my room.

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At 7:20, my neighbor picks me up and drives me to school. Maverik is a five minute walk from the school, so sometimes he will drop us off there and get coffee, then walk to school.

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When I get to school, my friends are normally hanging out in the lobby. I'll chill with them, chatting and comparing homework and complaining about teachers.

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At 8:00, I go to A.P. Lang. and Composition. The teacher, Mrs. Hawley, is very sarcastic, and I feel most comfortable in that class. Most of my friends are in that class. Abby pretends to be mean to me, and I pretend to mean back. Blaise will constantly give me hugs, and Paul will poke me in the stomach to watch my reaction. Cheyla and Arden will talk to me about school and projects and art. Azra will say something stupid and make the class laugh. Lincoln normally is just super quiet. The other side of the room has all the popular girls, and they're mostly quiet and they don't talk to anyone except each other.

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At 9:00, my history class starts. I have a few friends, more aquaintences than anything. I normally just stay quiet in that class. There's a bunch of popular stoner f**kboys that make me mad and want to rip my hair out.

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At 9:55, class ends and i go to my locker to grab my anatomy book and binder. The hallways are hell during passing period lol. I go to anatomy, where I have a few friends I've known for a couple years. I actually like that class...it's quite interesting, actually. It's a college course, but fun.

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At 10:10, my Algebra 2 class starts. I have no friends in this class, only acquaintences. The same boys from history are in this class, and the teacher doesn't know how to teach. This is the s l o w e s t class because I hate math and it's right before lunch. Oh, and also the people in that class are just rude. One of the boys, the one I dislike the most, sat next to me and called me Maddie. The kid behind me, Hayden (another one of those boys, I'm surprised he knows who I am) was like "Bro, her name's Chloe." And Malakjai or however the frick you spell his name goes. "Oh haha, fuck, sorry, lmao. Yo, Chloe, you have the answers?"
I told him I didn't even though I did. Sorry for the rant, this kid is just SO ANNOYING and it doesn't help that he's beautiful and everyone loves him.

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At 12:05, lunch finally starts. I go outside to the senior patio and try to get a seat for me, Annie, and Abby. There are so many of us that we fill up two tables, and I make it there early so I have a seat with most of the kids. Kids come and go, say hi and stuff. Our conversations are pretty dumb and retarded. Azra's response to everything is "penis" and we make fun of Abby for being super short. We also tease Annie for her obsession with Max from the previous year, and he's so chill about it too, which is great. Sam always has pasta, and Paul always gets those disgusting slushies from the snack shack.

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As of right now, I don't have a 6th or 7th period because my nursing class doesn't start until next week, so I go to the library. After lunch, I walk Annie to class, and then work on homework in the library with my friend Denise, who also doesn't have class after lunch because she too is taking the nursing class next week.

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We spend two hours here, until school lets out. We wait for our neighbor to pick us up on the front lawn. Blaise normally will come by and "boop" me on the nose, or Yami will sit with me till her bus comes. On the way home, sometimes we stop at Starbucks for drinks.

I'll go home, do chores, homework, and then be lazy and ignore the to do list I made in the car on the way home.

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So that's about it...My life isn't very exciting, kind of shallow. Just surface relationships..

Anyways, I just go to bed and repeat this the next day. Nothing new or different really happens.
Everything's the same, it feels like.

Hoping your days are exciting every day,