Grateful (adj.) : Appreciative of benefits received.
— Merriam Webster Dictionary

How grateful have you been these days?
It's a reflective question that I don't ask myself enough as I get caught up with many tasks in the outside world. It also made me wonder what I really should be grateful for.
So here's a list I made of five "little things to be grateful for" for anyone else out there who needs this reminder!

1. Breathing

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Since breathing is such a common function of your body, you may often forget to think of how grateful you should be of being able to breathe in the oxygen in our atmosphere.Try taking a mindful moment to do nothing but breathe, tracking the number of breaths you take and the way you breathe. Appreciate the way your diaphragm works to expand, then shrinks, only to repeat the process. Feel the way your lungs fill up with air, then slowly empty itself. Be amazed at how often and casually you repeat this system of breathing throughout the day.

2. Sunrises and Sunsets

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Do you wake up with the sunrise? Whether you're there to see it or not, the sun always rises and sets, silently and graciously. The sunrise is there to begin the day, and the sunset to envelope the horizon in a bright color at the end. They come in many shades; some days an earnest gold, other days a gentle creamy pink. At times, the whole sky turns scarlet, as though a faraway city is burning to the ground. Try waking up early just to appreciate the sunrise. Stay outside until dusk turns to night. Take notice of the change in the air when night turns to day and day turns to night. Observe how many hues the sky can be in. They have and always will display a lovely scenery.

3. Music

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When was the last time you listened to music? Maybe you're listening to something right now. Music, in definition, is the "art of sound in time". It can make people feel various types of ways just by listening to it. Some musical pieces enhance focus and relaxation. Some people are skilled in producing or playing beautiful music. Take the time to thank the musical artists who make it available. Love and appreciation for music transcends language barrier and is globally understood. It connects people. It changes people. How strange the world would be without music. Personally, music has so much value to me, so I think I would feel like I'm missing a piece of myself.

4. Water/Sanitation

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Did you drink any water today? Or maybe washed your hands using running water? As you may already know, even today, there are many people all over the world who still do not have an easy access to safe water and sanitation. Therefore, any time you have usable or consumable water available to you, thank the provision you have. Be aware of the realities of the the world that exist and are in need of confrontation every day. If you can dedicate some of your time and energy, try to see what you can do to help this water crisis dealt by the less fortunate.

5. Those Who Care For You

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Who's truly there for you when you need them? Who lets you be yourself with no worries? Maybe it's your best friend, your pet, your parents, your siblings, your special partner, or yourself. Whoever it is, take a moment to reflect about the people that have come into your life and thank them for staying. In a world where people change all the time, the positive connections that have lasted are the ones that matter the most. These relationships are what you should cherish the most, if you haven't already. It's hard to come by. When you still have the chance, let these people (or furry friends) know that you are extremely grateful that they've been by your side. Tell them you love them, maybe that you miss them if they've been away. Don't forget to thank yourself too, for all these years of putting up with yourself.

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That's all for my list of five little things to be grateful for! I hope it helped you reflect a little bit more than usual about life's little blessings. Also, this is my first full article so I apologize in advance if this is not the best format or writing >_<

Thank you for reading!

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