welcome to yet another back-to-school article from me. this article is going to be all about fast & easy (yet delicious) breakfast ideas. if you're in a hurry to prepare a delicious meal to start your day, you've come to the right article. enjoy!

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【 banana nut cereal 】

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➼ what you need:
- corn flakes (or any bland cereal. other options are cherrios, original special k etc.)
- a banana
- vanilla granola
- vanilla almond milk
➼ how to make:
1 | pour the cereal in a bowl.
2 | mix in the granola
3 | cut up the banana. you can add the whole or just half, depending on how much you want. you can also cut them into as small slices as you wish.
4 | pour almond milk over & enjoy!

【 berry yogurt parfait 】

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➼ what you need:
- yogurt of choice. i personally like the Light & Fit greek yogurt in the vanilla flavor.
- any berries you enjoy. blueberries, raspberries, cherries, etc.
- any granola. i recommend using a vanilla one just so the flavors compliment one another
- optional: honey
➼ how to make:
you can either make it in a bowl or a jar.
1 | scoop the yogurt into a bowl and smooth it so it lays level.
2 | cut the berries & place them in the yogurt however you like
3 | place the granola on top of, or next to the berries
4 | optional: drizzle honey on top to make sweeter
1 | scoop 1/3 of the yogurt into the jar.
2 | place 1 kind of berry on top
3 | scoop another 1/3 of the yogurt on top of the berries
4 | sprinkle granola on top of yogurt, creating layers.
5 | repeat until you reach the top of the jar
6 | optional: drizzle honey on top to make sweeter

【 cucumber avocado toast 】

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➼ what you need:
- a ripe avocado
- a cucumber
- bread of your choice
- optional: egg
➼ how to make:
1 | toast your bread of choice
2 | let cool for one minute before spreading avocado on
3 | sprinkle with salt & pepper
4 | slice cucumber & place on toast as you wish
5 | scramble egg and set on top or eat as a side

【 chocolate banana smoothie 】

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➼ what you need:
- protein chocolate milk
- greek yogurt
- ice
- 1-2 bananas (depending on how thick you want your smoothie)
➼ how to make:
1 | pout all ingredients into blender & mix.
2 | add more chocolate milk, banana, or ice to make the perfect consistency.
3 | pour into cup & enjoy!

【 banana pancakes 】

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➼ what you need:
- vegetable oil
- 2 eggs
a banana
any toppings of your choice (syrup, nutella, nuts, granola, etc.)
➼ how to make:
1 | heat pan on stove top to a medium temperature. add oil.
2 | blend eggs & banana in blender until runny.
3 | pour mixture onto pan & flip when ready. the trick is to keep the pancakes small.
4 | place on plate, drizzle on toppings, & enjoy!

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thank you so much for reading! if you try any of these out please let me know what you think! i hope you enjoyed!

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