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1. How do you drink your tea?
I don't drink to lol. I drink sweet tea though.

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2. What's your favorite dessert?
Godiva chocolate, cookies, and cream ice cream, brownies, honestly anything sweet!

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3. What's your favorite season?
fall! my birthday is in the fall. I love the change of season the colors of the clothes! the holidays and just the vibe of fall it's just my favorite I wish it was fall all year round.

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4. What cheers you up?
dance, hanging out with my mom lol. Watching cartoons.

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5. Dogs or cats?
dogs all day I have never had a cat because my dad hates them but I would defintly get one if my dad wasn't an issue.

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6. What is your dream holiday?
probably Iceland it looks so pretty there.

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7. How many kids do you want?
LOTS minimum of like 6 max of maybe 10ish. that's probably crazy but I have just always liked a big family and wanted one since my fam is not big and always liked Brady brunch vibes lol. of course I may have like 2 and then not want anymore but yeah I want a lot of kids.

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8. Favorite weather?
raining, sunny, or raining and sunny.

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9. What was your last meal?
bagel bites

bagel bites image

10. You can spend 24 hours anywhere, any year. Where do you choose?
thats hard maybe new york city in the 1920s

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11. If you were a ghost, who or where would you haunt?
my old dance teacher, she was so mean to me

ghost image

12. What is your family's ancestry?
honestly, don't know my dad says our family ancestry comes from Germany so yeah.

13. What scares you?
snakes, or being cheated, or sitting alone at lunch by yourself. And I'm not going to put images up because I literally cannot look at pics of snakes at all ugh.

14. Dream job?
honestly, don't know maybe sleep all day long lol or my dream is to travel so I guess a job so that I could travel.

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Do you believe in aliens?
IDK haven' researched enough to come to an understanding whether they are real or not but I feel that there is something out there like humans.

Favorite sport?

ballet, dance, and black and white image ballet, dance, and dress image

17. How do you relax after a long day?
taking a nap or watching tv.

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18. If you could meet one historical figure, who would you choose?

princess Diana, Cleopatra, judy garland.

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19. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?
mm, maybe English since I love reading but that to much work so ig the gym teacher since you don't do anything.

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20. What superpower would you choose?
time travel

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