the back to school season is here which may mean you're excited, or dreading the stressful season. if you're in the second category don't worry, today's article is going to be all about things to do to ensure that this semester and all semesters to come are stress-free. enjoy!

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❝ you can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. ❞ ━ unknown

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「 start a planner 」

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↳ if you have trouble with time management or just forget things easily like me, a planner can help with just about everything. i wrote a whole article on how to start one & use it. check it out here if you're interested ↓

「 plan things the night before 」

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↳ personally, i'll do just about everything the night before rather than having to get up earlier. take a shower, lay out your outfit, and pack your lunch the night before so you don't have to race around doing these things in the morning. plus, you may get some extra sleep!

「 stay up-to-date in classes 」

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↳ turn in your assignments on time because having to stay up an hour later to finish it is a whole lot better than pulling an all-nighter finishing late assignments (trust me. been there, done that. i don't recommend)

「 study, study, study 」

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↳ if you know an exam is coming up, study the material you have if you don't fully understand. watch youtube videos on the topic as well. this will make you less stressed over a bad grade and ensure you understand the material when finals roll around.

「 take efficient notes 」

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↳ making your notes super perfect & pretty isn't necessarily the best way to learn the material. i recommend in class you write your notes messy, with maybe side notes explaining concepts the teacher explains. if you want to make your notes highlighted with fancy fonts and designs, i recommend doing this later in the day. re-writing notes can help you understand and remember notes better anyways.

「 understand that your mental health comes first 」

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↳ it's important to remember that above everything, you're mental health and well-being comes first. if you find yourself over-stressed out, take a day off! your teachers should understand. if you still find yourself stressed out even after a break, switch around your schedule that best suits you.

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thank you so much for reading. i hope these tips help your school year go by fast and stress-free. i wish you all the best of luck this year and all years to come.

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