I only have a few that are catchy and fun!

1. Nishino Kana - Torisetsu

取説 (トリセツ) Torisetsu ー translates to manual.
In the song, she talks about how she should be treated by noticing the smaller things and how to make the relationship last.

Before using, please read the instruction manual carefully
Please handle me with proper care
No returns or exchanges will be accepted for this item

2. lol - エルオーエル - Boyfriend short ver.

lol is a co-ed group that has 5 members including 2 male members and 3 girl members. The youngest is a 01' liner.

I would say this is the cheesiest by far but catchy at the same time. The rap is kinda funny but its still a enjoyable song to listen to.

Baby wake me up with your kiss
Don’t you understand what I’m feeling

3. Whiteeeen + Greeeen - Ai Uta ~ since 2007 ~

Whiteeeen is a female vocal group which is produced by Greeeen their senior vocal group. The unique thing for both groups that they're identities remain hidden and lean more on the music side. The members Whiteeeen debuted in their teens and known for their "pure-sounding voices".

Crying and laughing next to you
Has become my reason for living
I dedicate this love song to you

4. 當山みれい (Mirei Touyama) - Dear My Boo

This is a cover to 清水翔太 - My Boo

This is my favorite out of the list and it is need for me to repeat. It makes you want to fall in love or think about the one you love. TT

Hey Boo, I’m so happy
If it’s for you, I can be your Jasmine
It’s embarrassing so I can never say it, but
I love you

if u read, thank u, now im tired bye