I want to see all of these artists/bands live another time, BUT I also just wish I could go back and re-experience those nights again, just the way they happened.

Nothing compares to stadium lights dimming, seeing the artist walk up the stairs to the lil stage, or the first few notes on a guitar. UGH! The nostalgia!!

I'm going to make myself a little list in this article :) Maybe it will inspire some of you to finally buy those show tickets you've been thinking of! If you're on the fence, DO IT! Live shows cannot compare with anything else!
1. Mahalia's first show in San Francisco
(I think she said it was her first show in the U.S. , too!!)

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oh man, 'I wish I missed my ex' had just dropped, and it was so lit the entire night. we showed her what a crowd in the bay was like. we heard all the songs off of 'seasons' too which was such a treat.

2. Going to see The Mowgli's by myself

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my first concert by myself, my first time driving in sf too. made some pals. got to jam to San Francisco IN San Francisco-if you know, you know. highly rec experiencing seeing a show alone-pretty cool.

3. Take Me Home Tour and the iconic Teenage Dirtbag cover

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to this DAY, i remember every moment. they played Best Song Ever LIVE for the first time that night. in San Jose, CA. forever favsssss

4. Vinyl Theater performing on a Tuesday night

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my only disappointing concert experience...love this band, but the crowd was lame and it was clear they weren't feeling it and didn't give a great performance. but both of their openers were amazing so there's that. wish i could have a do-over for this night. lesson learned: don't go to concerts on tuesdays

5. Getting barricade at The 1975

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these pics are mine from that night!! we waited in line for 10+ hours. this was in 2016 though. worth every second. highly recommend going to the sides of the barricade instead of the middle-less crushing and dying going on.

I'm going to stop there at 5 great memories. There's many more, to be sure. I might add on or make another article sometime! Let me know your thoughts :) I have some great band encounters I'd love to share, too, and maybe concerts tips!