Day One: Meaning of My name

My name is Grace. As in 'how sweet the sound.' Originally it came from the Latin word 'Gratia' meaning favor or thanks. The word 'grace' means eloquence or beauty of form, kindness, and mercy. Apparently it became very popular in the 1700's by the Puritans because of the connection to God and the Bible.

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I was named Grace because of its meaning for beauty, according to my mom. I always joke with her and my friends that, "yes I'm named grace but I have none of it."

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Grace Kelly is by far one of the most famous people named Grace. Her beauty and confidence she carried inspires me. I want to look like her when I'm presenting myself in front of others. Her poise about the being in the public eye is admirable compared to the paparazzi reactions we get today. The way she led herself through life is a way I'd like to also.