happy wednesday!

Today was a fun-filled day! We visited a super cute bee-themed restaurant. The restaurant had used to be a home that was renovated into a beautiful brunch spot. They serve super photogenic coffee as well (in mason jars!). I also adore the vibe of this place; they also had a yellow bus you could take pictures with!

bee, bees, and hippie image

My activation key came in the mail today for the second job and I'm attempting to start it tomorrow when my other shift is over! I really want to hustle for these next few months and start saving. I started a bullet journal today with all kinds of pages relating to goals. I made a savings page and I'm going to work hard to save at least five thousand dollars within the next few months. I need to get my life back on track again.

Temporarily removed

Lastly, I decided that I want to go to a rave for my 21st birthday with my boyfriend but I cannot decide which one I want to go to! The first option is Rezz with Madeon, Two Friends, and Elephante. My other option is Illenium. The only thing is that I have already seen Illenium BUT it was an incredible experience! To this day its still the best rave that I have gone to. Regardless, I still have time to decide but I think I'm leaning more towards Rezz since I have not seen her yet. I love her style; I consider her the Tim Burton of EDM. Hopefully I can make a decision on this soon!

concert, dj, and gig image