if my main character from "the place we made" released an album

title: found myself in the darkness
genre: retro-inspired, indie pop
inspirations: family, friends, and experiences with love, loss, and bad parentage
length: 13 songs

fashion, relax, and style image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image eyes, boy, and eye image travel, adventure, and girl image


wall, grunge, and hole image Temporarily removed
" it took me a long time to realize that I was the only one who could say I wasn't ruined by you"

then there was you

car, house, and photo image hand, victorian, and vintage image
" then there was you, eyes filled with worry and your heart filled with something I'd never seen, offering me a home"_


hospital image hospital, pale, and grunge image
"I take my time until I remember what I won't have when I'm gone"


bed, light, and home image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"I start wrapping my hands in my sheets like I'm gonna need to fight, then I remember where I am, and I am safe"

you tried

sky, rainbow, and aesthetic image waves, sea, and ocean image
" you made me believe that love was dirty, you tried to warp my sense of wonder, you tried, you tried"


book, aesthetic, and vintage image aesthetic, boy, and grunge image
"in all the books I've read, nothing tells me how to heal a broken heart, but my mistake was not looking up; you're my healer"

the first time

hands, white, and photography image art, statue, and aesthetic image
"bring me your artistry and your soul, as if we were lovers for the first time"


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
" I watched you falling in love in the yellow light, I know your soul is dancing in the yellow sky"

lessons learned

fire, vintage, and indie image ice, whiskey, and drink image
" acceptance doesn't come easy, that's one of the lessons learned the hard way"


notebook, book, and writing image book, aesthetic, and writing image
"I put my soul into lies, I had to think those thoughts just to get by, yes, even in my head I was different then "


Temporarily removed route 66 and vintage image
" I'd always imagined this town in the rearview, now I say adieu"


autumn, colors, and cozy image Temporarily removed
" who knew that two scared kids, broken and scarred, would be the ones to make each other whole again?"


fire and match image match, red, and fire image
" I hate your matches 'cause they reminded me of you, all this time to live but burned out too soon"