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You don't even have to take a course of lectures or even follow the latest fashion shows to transform your own style and make sense of what modern fashion is all about. All you have to do is take a look at the streets of New York (or your city of course if you don't live there). The inhabitants of this incredible city look so unique that you can't help but feel inspired.

Rule No.1: When you've got nothing to wear, wear black.

Wearing nothing but black is the default option for many women in New York. Black will never go out of fashion. A black leather coat, in particular, will always be stylish - they're worn everywhere from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

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Rule No.2: The price of your clothes doesn't matter. The most important thing is to find the right combination.

New York ladies can easily combine an expensive handbag with an inexpensive top bought at the nearest H&M. It doesn't matter where you bought your clothes or how much they're worth - what matters is how you combine them.

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Rule No.3: A handbag is the best investment

The handbag is the most important accessory that expresses the style of every fashionista in New York. Once again, how much you pay for it isn't important. Whether it's the budget option from Zara or the most expensive bag from Chanel worth several thousand dollars, the most important thing is that it expresses who you are.

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Rule No.4: Sunglasses should be worn whatever the season.

Day or night, rain or shine, wear your shades. For they exist only for one purpose - to make you look perfect.

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Rule No.5: If something's lacking from your appearance, add something bright.

For example, combine a bright bag, hat, or pair of shoes with a black outfit, and that's virtually guaranteed that everyone will notice you - and remember your style.

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Rule No.6: Mix up your style.

You can complete a look by adding something as simple as a pair of Converse, combining them with a baggy T-shirt to give you that 'just got out of bed' appearance. But a pair of designer heels might work equally well here. Try combining unusual things - you'll be surprised at the results.

Tip: However, the mistake that should be avoided when trying to choose curious clothes is not to use provocative details. They will just spoil the way you look and the impression you produce.

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Rule No.7: Vintage clothing is your friend.

In New York, there's even a name for this vintage style: ''downtown''. Lace-up shoes, baggy tops and unusual retro-style accessories all combine to give you a look that's Bohemian and casual.

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Rule No.8: Play around with different sizes.

Mix things of different sizes and shapes, whether it's skinny or over-sized, a long knee-lenght coat or a short one. It's always great to experiment!

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Rule No.9: Less is more when it comes to your makeup and hairstyle.

It's not worth the risk of overdoing it with your hair and especially your makeup. Try using some bright lipstick withut anything else on your face, or just some simple curls or a ponytail rather than anything elaborate.

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Rule No.10: Confidence in yourself and your style is key.

If there's only one thing you can learn from New York, it's this: how do they show their unique individually? By not worrying what others will think. Do your curls look messy? Just let them down without a care - you'll look great regardless. Are you two meters tall? You can still wear heels! Feel like wearing a leopard-print coat and dungarees? Do it. You'll look better and feel better.

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That's all. I really hope that I helped every one of you out there. Love yourself and always be yourself because that's what matters at the end of the day. Thank you for reading♥
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