~ Number 12 ~

How has Kpop changed your life?

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Last one of the kpop challenge...
and this one might be a long one who knows but I will try and sum it up...

K-pop has definitely changed my life as it has made me look into a whole new world of music but also show my appreciation for the artists as their dedication for their work but also their fans too.

I was doing some comparing and what I noticed was that Western artists tend to say that they show love and appreciation for their fans but its normally a bonus track on their album or and exclusive merch item.

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But with Kpop artists they work so hard into giving their fans things such as photo books with the album, posters, stickers, photo cards, and many more and also they put their fans first, one thing that I like is that Kpop groups stay humble no matter how big they get they always remember where they came from and how hard they worked to get where they are today...

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